The Beginning

In 2015 on an adventure into the wilds of Java for a girls surf trip, my passion for photography was reignited, not only in taking photos but sharing those moments captured with others. Upon my return home I set up a website to start showcasing my photography. I was clear in where my passion lied, travel photography, but this became messy when I realised that I was trying to fit too much on the one website (travel, sport, portraits), and so something had to change.

The resolution was to pull out my travel blogs and keep them separated. It was done on a whim without much thought and I was playing around with titles for maybe 10 minutes, before just sending a friend a simple message saying “The Wayfarers Lens, what does that mean to you?”. The reply was travelling and a camera, although slightly confused as I didn’t give any background; so there it was the birth of this little blog.