A Sunset Walk in Kings Park

Not wanting to spend the hour or so I had to spare one evening tackling peak hour traffic, I thought I’d make the most of Perth’s autumn weather and go up to Kings Park.

Each time I venture into Kings Park I question myself, why don’t I visit more often? It’s one of those places that locals tend to take visitors, but often forget how lucky we are to have such a stunning place in between these times.

The sunset gave a great watercoloured sky of purple and orange, with views of the Darling Range.


The Important Stuff


The park is managed by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.


There is so much to see and do around Kings Park, I’m not even going to try and list them; including, but not limited to, walking trails through to moonlight cinemas to kids playgrounds to a night listening to the symphony. Click here to go to their website to see what’s happening in the upcoming months.


The park is essentially located in the centre of Perth, perched on a hill that overlooks the CBD and the joining of both the Swan and Canning Rivers.

Click for directions and park maps. 


I dropped in on a clear autumn night in May, between about 5 and 6 pm; the sun rapidly sets at this time of year but offers some great colours as it goes down. Surprisingly there were quite a few people taking in the views or getting in a bit of exercise, but probably not as crowded as in summer when the weather is warmer.