Zig Zag Scenic Drive

Where San Francisco has the crooked street, Lombard Street, Perth (Western Australia) has the Zig Zag Scenic Drive.

I never knew this existed until it popped up on a list of the best scenic drives in Western Australia and while I was up in the hills I  thought I’d take a look.  Basically, it’s a one way, drive from the top of the escarpment to bottom via a series of hairpin turns. The views across to the coast are amazing from the top, and there are various walking trails if you want to walk up or down the scarp.

The start of the narrow, one-way road
Hairpin turn.
Another hairpin turn.

The Important Stuff



There are walk trails and a lookout at the top (where the road begins), there are numerous pullouts on the way down as well, so please drive cautiously and pull off the road entirely if you are stopping.

I took the opportunity to do the drive while I was in the area, and would recommend to add it to a bit of a day trip in the hills unless you’re planning on completing some of the walk trails.


The road is located in the Gooseberry Hill National Park with access via Gooseberry Hill.

Click for location and directions. 


I can imagine the view would be great at any time of the year, although to watch storms rolling in from the coast would be magical.