Wellington National Park

I grew up in and around this forest, and like everything probably didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now. Venturing out in between breaks in the weather brought back so many memories. Those family outings when there wasn’t anything else planned for the day, or the drive out to look at the Wellington Dam overflowing, which happened a bit more often back then than it does now.  Several changes have happened over time, most roads are now bitumenised, making it more accessible to visitors, and the base of the dam is now fenced off, making it a little less adventurous and dangerous I guess.

Taking the road less traveled
Wellington Dam, always a sight to see when it’s overflowing
Loving all the water around this winter
Reflections at Long Pool
Honeymoon Pool
Feeling like I’m in another world

The Important Stuff


Wellington National Park is managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, there is no entrance fee, but fees are applicable if camping.


There are walk and bike trails, camping and picnic areas, and plenty of pools for those who want a dip, a bit too cold and murky when I was there. The Munda Bindi trail cuts through the park.


The park is located about 2.5 hours drive south-west from Perth, or generally about 30 mins or less from Bunbury, Collie or where I started out in Donnybrook.  Most roads into and around the park are now bitumenised, however, there are still some gravel access roads to some parts and camping areas.

Click for location and directions. 


I guess this depends on what you want to do, winter is a perfect time to make the most of the hiking and bike trails, while in Spring the wildflowers will be in abundance. If you’re after fun in or on the water maybe wait until the weather warms up and some of the water settles after the winter rains.

Overall, it is a park for all seasons, so never let the weather deter you.