Quinninup Falls

I’ve heard things about Quinninup Falls, but never went out of my way to investigate, so on a warm spring day I set out for the trek to the falls. To be honest I thought it would be a nice leisurely walk, and was not really prepared for it.

The Falls are a short detour from the Cape to Cape Track, but if you don’t want to walk the track it is a couple of kilometres from the north Moses Rock carpark; this is where I started from. Due to the south-west having a wet winter and spring, part of the reason I was making the trek, the track was still wet and muddy in places. Most of the track is fairly flat on solid ground, however, there is a steep sand dune that you will need to climb to return to the car park. A couple of minutes of hard grind and you’ll be out.

When you turn the corner and catch a glimpse of the Falls, you do realise the effort was worth it, and they truly are beautiful, in a setting you would not expect. Next time I will definitely pack a picnic (or at least a snack) and chill at the base of the Falls for a while before the return.


The Important Stuff


Quinninup Falls is about a 45-minute walk from the Moses Rock carpark (allow 2 hours return),  about 20 km south of Yallingup. The bitumen road cuts out at the end of the Moses Rock Road, before splitting into two limestone roads, take the one to the right. These get a bit soft towards the carpark especially if there has been a fair bit of traffic.


There aren’t any facilities at Moses Rock, so be sure to carry water at the bare minimum. Please be mindful of where you step although I did not see any snakes on this occasion I have seen them on others.


If you’re only up for the short trek to the Falls, park at the north Moses Rock carpark and the track is clearly visible in the north-east corner.

Click for location and directions. 


It’s a waterfall so obviously after rain, i.e. early spring, would be better than towards the end of summer, but the trail is magnificent and the fact that it follows the coastline means even in summer you’ll be cooled by the seabreeze (although a dip after would still be required).