Hoan Kiem Lake

So this is one sight of Hanoi that deserved it’s own post. The lake surrounds Ngoc Son Temple located on Jade Island and Thap Rua (Turtle Tower), but I’m not going to give you a Wikipedia spiel, I’d rather tell you how I saw and felt it.

To me, it was the best way to spend a couple of hours late in the afternoon until the sun sets. By this time it was a little cooler so the walking is a little more enjoyable, and not so sweaty. Also, the locals are out enjoying the lake, either by catching up with friends/family or exercising no matter the age, you do feel like you’re immersed in the local life. The buskers come out and everyone greets you with a smile.


For me this place was the most memorable part of Hanoi, and even though I was exploring on my own, at no point did I feel lonely. These experiences are why I travel.