Trekking through Mai Chau

Hiking in Vietnam’s north, it’s what most visitors to the country do, if only for a day or two. Sa Pa is the most famous, sorry this blog isn’t about there, it’s about the lesser known and therefore much quieter Mai Chau district. The simplicity of green hills, clouds and the sun setting, meant some amazing views highlighted by rays of gold.

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The matriarch (or grandma) of the family-owned longhouse I stayed in for a couple of nights, supplied the most memorable memories. Not only would she continually offer up shots of rice wine, but was more than willing to partake in a few as well. I truly regret not getting a photo of this amazing woman, who could not speak English but made conversation easily. I also tried fried crickets for the first time, and maybe it was the rice wine, maybe not, but they were a nice “bar” snack.

I love feeling like I’m somewhere no other tourist is, it feels like you really are immersed in the local culture. This place gave me the Vietnam scenery I was expecting without the masses of tourists, so if you want to go hiking in Vietnam and want to get away from the crowds, venture to Mai Chau.