The Ancient Ruins of My Son

I‘m not sure how I heard of these ruins, but once I did I made it my mission to visit them. It’s a half day trip from Hoi An, and if you’re waiting for things to be handcrafted it’s a perfect way to spend a little less money.

The buildings, namely temples, date back to the 4th to 13th centuries, built by the Champa with spiritual origins from Hinduism. There is plenty written upon the importance of the site, now a UNESCO sanctuary, however, during the days of the Vietnam War this meant little with bombs taking out some of the buildings (the last two photos).

The carvings are really something that has to be seen to really be believed, especially their condition having survived such a long time. Although, nature is slowly taking hold, which gives great contrast to the photos, but may one day take over.

I was lucky enough to get out there early in the morning before it got too steamy and it got inundated with busloads of tourists; hence why so many shots looking like I had the place to myself.

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