Ho Chi Minh City and it’s Outskirts

While there’s so much to see within walking distance in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh, if you have the ability to get a bit further afield grasp the chance.

Most of the below places, with the exception of the tunnels, I visited on the back of a scooter as part of an XO Tour. I cannot rate these guys high enough, I thoroughly enjoyed both tours I did with them (not a paid advertisement).

Cu Chi Tunnels

To be honest, this wasn’t high on my to-see list. I never learnt about this war in school, nor did I have a family member fight in this war, so I always felt a bit disconnected, and probably couldn’t give the site the respect it deserved. I did go, just because the opportunity was there and I thought why not, and I did come away with some knowledge about that aspect of the fight.

If you can get down low and don’t have claustrophobia, do attempt the walk through the tunnels, I think this experience is what really hit home, how hard it was to live in such small confines. Keep in mind this tunnel has been widened slightly for westerners.

CuChi Tunnels-1CuChi Tunnels-2CuChi Tunnels-3CuChi Tunnels-4CuChi Tunnels-5cuchi-tunnels-6CuChi Tunnels-9

Tan Dinh Market

Not as well known with the tourists as the Ben Thanh market, but in my opinion so much better. It’s a more local market specialising in more fresh food, and oh so much fabric. I may have went a little overboard with photos here, but I just loved capturing the ‘life’ of the markets. I would have stayed here all day if I could. HCM Tour-1HCM Tour-3HCM Tour-5HCM Tour-6HCM Tour-7HCM Tour-8HCM Tour-9HCM Tour-10

Thich Quang Duc Memorial

During the years of the Vietnam War there were numerous protests all over the world, unfortunately, the protest of a monk called Thich Quang Duc was one the most peaceful but disturbing that shook the world. It was also one that I had not heard of prior to arriving in Vietnam.

The memorial is located at the intersection where Thich Quang Duc stepped out of his car (which is on display at his temple in Hue) dosed himself in aviation fuel and lit the match to set himself on fire. The intersection itself is still busy, but the memorial somehow has a quiet solitude. HCM Tour-12HCM Tour-11

Thien Hau Pagoda

Built to honor Mazu the ‘Lady of the Sea’ in 1760, this Taoist temple is filled with coils of incense, and even though it is a relatively small temple, it takes a bit of time to take it all in. Definitely, a photographers dream location if smoke trails are your thing. HCM Tour-13HCM Tour-14HCM Tour-17HCM Tour-18HCM Tour-19HCM Tour-20HCM Tour-21

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