Gardens by the Bay

When I started to make my way to the Gardens by the Bay in the early afternoon, I was not sure how I would fill the time until the light show commenced at Supertree Grove. I shouldn’t have worried. There is plenty to see and when you need to chill, find a quiet bench and watch the world go by. 

I entered the gardens via Dragonfly Bridge (which was covered in dragonfly sculptures during my visit) and wandered through the Chinese and Indian gardens before reaching the Cloud Forest. This was like stepping into another world.

Cloud Forest

Essentially, within the glass dome is a 35-metre mountain with a waterfall, covered in all sorts of tropical flora. While I was there, if you looked closely, you could find a few Lego installations in the upper heights of the mountain (ie the Lost World). 

And yes it’s someones job to clean the glass dome.

Flower Dome

Similar to the Cloud Forest in design, the Flower Dome is by contrast a more drier environment with giving visitors Spring, no matter the season they are visiting. This means that the floral display on the lower level is ever changing, with other Mediterranean gardens from around the world on display in the upper levels. Don’t miss the succulent garden, this was my favourite part of the dome.  

Supertree Grove

Stepping into Supertree Grove was like stepping out of reality and into Avatar. This is an Instagrammers dream location. I was in a daze while walking through the base of these trees (up to 50 m tall), how I managed to not trip while looking up, I’m not too sure. 

Weaved between the trees is the OCBC Skyway. Situated 22 metres above the ground not only do you get a close-up look of the Supertrees, but you also see the Gardens from the “sky”.


There’s a myriad of sculptures scattered through the gardens, a map to them all is located here. Just keep your eyes peeled as some of them are a bit less obvious than others.

Garden Rhapsody

This amazing light show choreographed to music takes place in the Supertree Grove every night at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm. If you do not have time to see the rest of the gardens, or if gardens are not your thing, you should definitely still make sure you see this show. 

Above are only the ‘main’ attractions of the precinct, do spend the time to walk around the various gardens and ponds, varying from traditional Chinese to the arid cacti gardens of the Sun Pavilion. 

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