In Search for Gold at Ora Banda

There’s something about red dirt, golden green trees and blue skies that screams Australian outback, and I just love it. My day job allows me to not only travel to but also live in some remote areas and communities throughout the country, it are these experiences that money can’t buy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ora Banda, ‘sash of gold’ in Spanish, a once thriving gold mining town, now a pub, a few homes and some of the most hospitable locals I have ever met. So much so it was sad to leave at the end of the project.

Do ask about the history of the hotel, both old and more recent, it has seen quite a bit over the years, involving bikies, bombs and fires.

Ora Banda-2

Ora Banda-10

Ora Banda-11

Ora Banda-12

Ora Banda-13

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