A Roadtrip to North Bali

Bali, most Aussie’s have been and those who haven’t refuse to go for their own reasons. I personally have a mixed view of Bali, I love getting out of the tourist areas and visit small villages, jungles, temples, and waterfalls. That was essentially what this day trip was about, hiring a driver (who I’d highly recommend) and getting out to see some parts I hadn’t seen before.

To get anywhere in Bali seems to take forever, and driving across the island from south to north was no different. The scenery while driving through local villages and farming land was amazing. The mountains, something we don’t have here in Perth, were awe-inspiring, and we even stopped roadside to feed some cheeky monkeys (who needs the Monkey Forest).

Git Git Waterfall

After the long drive, we finally pulled into a roadside car-park, after driving past the decoy waterfalls where some drivers take tourists who don’t want to drive to the real Git Git waterfalls, maybe this is something all Balinese drivers say?

Anyway, after parking, paying the small entry fee and walking the path of stall holders you finally get the first glimpse of the waterfall, before continuing down the path until you get to the base. I was truly amazed at the height of the waterfall and the power of the water coming over the edge, the water was on the chilly side so I just dipped my toes in. 

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

This is a massively popular temple in Bali, it took nearly 30 minutes to drive the last 2 kilometres to the carpark. I’m not a massive fan of visiting temples, but each one I do visit surprises me and Ulun Danu Beratan Temple was no different. 

There was a fog sitting upon the lake so the views were somewhat hindered, but it did make for some ominous type atmosphere and good photos.

Pura Tanah Lot

This was the last stop for the day and as the sun was beginning to set, the crowds began to build. It had been a long day, and my trip to Bali was to be relaxing so after a quick walk around I wanted to flee. 

It really is a beautiful temple, especially at sunset, with a low tide, however it is very tourist orientated which added to the worshippers create big crowds. 

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