Who do you Travel with?

Who do you typically travel with? Alone, with partner, friends, family or with strangers? Over the years I have traveled with most of the before mentioned companions, however never with a partner. In a few weeks time, I’m doing just that. 

More often than not I travel solo. I like the freedom to do what I like when I like, it also enables me to embrace locals and other travelers which I don’t tend to do when in the safety of numbers. Maybe a solo person is more approachable than a group? Although, there are times when you long to share the experience with someone else. 

I tend to travel with my mum quite often too, probably more than I would like to admit, but she is a good travel buddy. We compromise on what to see or do, knowing that it may not be the other cup of tea, but travel is about embracing new experiences and this allows each of us to grow together. I still remember taking my mum to her first Dali exhibition at Tate Modern in London, initially, it was a bit of a shock for her, but since we have made it tradition to see his exhibitions across the world together when we get the chance. 

Traveling with friends, I have found this to be the diciest of all. Some are great travel companions, others, although great friends, just don’t work out well at all. This mainly comes down to money (and where you choose to spend it) and travel style (adventure versus relaxation). Personally, I don’t tend to watch my money closely when I travel. I often choose the cheaper eating or sleeping options when required, but I never scrimp on an experience. A bad meal or bed you will often forget (or it may make for an interesting story later on) but experiences do stay with you. As a result of my wanting to experience all I can, this often leaves minimal time for a day poolside, which for some is there desired holiday. 

If I want to travel to a new country, and not quite sure I want to do it alone, I look towards group travel. There are some awesome tours run for any niche these days. This option allows me the oppurtunity to get my bearings in a new country or city, some local advice, and if wanted some company to explore. If you take the time to research tours have really evolved from the large bus with tour leader out the front (well these do exist, it’s just not for me). Adventurous Women is one such tour company based in Australia, but offereing tours both domestically and worldwide. I found them by pure chance 10-years ago, and love their no-princess travel style with heaps of unscheduled time to explore. 

My next trip, as I said, is with my partner. It’s long-haul, road-trip, friends wedding all rolled into one, but as the trip draws closer the excitement builds as we are planning the itinerary and activities together. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. 


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