Heading West on Route 66

So the last time I undertook a trip on Route 66, I missed a step at a rest stop and needed an ankle reconstruction. Not the best memory of the famed road that stretches across the USA, but I’m trying to rectify that on this trip. This time I’m heading west, leaving Albuquerque and heading for Flagstaff.


About two hours west of Albuquerque is a small town called Gallup, I was asked “why Gallup?” followed with “you should just drive straight through”. Although the advice was quickly shrugged off, there was some truth to the knowledge that we later found out from the locals.

After a stop off to the local skate park (it’s what happens when your partner skates) it was time to check in to an authentic Route 66 hotel, El Rancho, where the interesting locals filled us in on why it was suggested to just drive through.

Petrified Forest National Park

After crossing the state line from New Mexico to Arizona, it was time to make the short detour through Petrified Forest National Park. It’s an easy drive through the park if your heading west or east, so I’d recommend doing the detour.

For more photos and details of Petrified Forest please click here.


For all those who have seen Disneys Cars, this is the town that the movie was based on, for those who haven’t, watch it. For us it was a short stop to pick up lunch and supplies for the remainder of the drive to Flagstaff.


The last stop on our trip west along Route 66 was Flagstaff, we used this as our entry into the Grand Canyon and another chance to hit a local skate park. It offers a cheaper accommodation alternative than staying within or close to the park (especially during spring break). The short drive of about 1.5 hours drive north into the park (and and overnight stay closer) meant we had a decent day and a half to explore the park. Flagstaff was our first glimpse at snow for the trip.