Hiroshima is a part of Japan that was once shrouded in turmoil and devastation. The city being decimated by an atomic bomb as part of World War II. While the city still bears the scares, it’s a city that embraces peace, innocence, and a friendly smile.

Central to Hiroshima is Peace Memorial Park. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is located within the park and offers a thought provoking and respectful memorial to the bombing and it’s victims. It’s a must for every visitor. The A-Bomb Dome, the epicentre of the blast, is located just over the river from the park.

While in Hiroshima be sure to try the okonomiyaki or the Japanese version of the pancake. Unlike elsewhere in Japan the okonomiyaki in Hiroshima includes noodles, as well as all the usual ingredients, so it’s a massive meal in itself.