A Day on Miyajima Island

A short ferry ride from Hiroshima is Miyajima Island, popular not only for its “floating” torii gate and deer, but for it’s baked sweets and oysters. Most of the island is walkable, with the majority of the attractions (including shopping) located near the ferry terminal, however if you are planning on catching the ropeway to the top of Mt Misen (the views are worth it) plan to do this first thing when you arrive. The ropeway closes very quickly if the winds pick up and you may have to walk one or two ways.

On the walk up to the start of the ropeway (up hill), take the time to embrace the local street food (oysters are big, both in size and popularity as a dish), the parks and gardens, and make friends with the locals (deer).

Mt Misen

I wasn’t too interested in making my way to the top of Mt Misen, but I’m glad I was persuaded. From the viewing deck you look out over Hiroshima, numerous islands, oyster beds, and if you’re lucky you may spot a submarine.

Itsukushima Shrine

Like it’s entrance gate, the floating torii, the shrine seems like its floating. Obviously, this is dependant on the tides. While I was walking through, a wedding was being held within the shrine, it was something of the Japanese culture I did not expect to see, but if you ever get the opportunity to witness one do so.

The tides are big at the island, hence why the oysters are so good, so when the tide is low, not only is the floating torii gate no longer floating, but the locals make their way to the tidal plains to collect shellfish.