Hakone, Where Onsens are Plentiful

Hakone is located in the hills and renowned for it’s onsens, art galleries and museums. The greeting received here was not one of the best, the weather was cold, cloudy, rainy and just outright miserable; the family run guest house where I was staying was a cosy ray of light in comparison.

I was so excited to get here and explore, but I came down with a cold that wiped me for the entire time I was here. I ventured out for a few hours, but didn’t explore as much as I wanted to. I was limited to a quick trip up the mountain to see the sulphur mine (which helped clear the sinuses), across the lake, and then a lovely taxi driver took me back to my guest house via the chemist; he also gave me a photograph that he took of Mt Fuji from the lake on a much clearer day.

The following morning, while getting ready to leave it began to snow, so so magical.