Tokyo, the End of the Line

So by the time I arrived in Tokyo, I had been on the road for four (or more weeks) and covered so many miles I don’t want to think about it. I was to the stage that I wanted to see and do so much, but knew that I just couldn’t (I was still battling a cold). Next time Tokyo. What I did see means that I will definitely go back and explore everything I know I missed and find some unknown places too.

Sensoji Temple


I was actually a little dissappointed with my visit to the “busiest” pedestrian crossing in Japan, I thought it would be a lot more crazy. Maybe everyone was still in bed because it was a Saturday morning?

Yoyogi Park

Set to be home for the some of the Olympic events in 2020, but on the day of my visit it was overrun with dogs as part of a market day.

Meiji Shrine

Once through the Torri gate, which is pretty massive, you step away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and into a tranquil forest. This is a popular shrine for weddings, and the day of my visit was no exception with a few brides present and ceremonies happening one after another.

Tokyo Skytree

Part of the reason I ventured up Tokyo Skytree was to catch a glimpse of the ever elusive Mt Fuji, it seemed like a clear day so I got the fast track ticket (well worth the extra Yen to skip the queue) and caught the lift to the observation deck 350 m above ground. Unfortunately, the haze hid Mt Fuji, but the views of Tokyo from above were worth it.

Ueno Park

I stayed near Ueno Park and so this is where I spent more time exploring not only the park (which contains a lake, the zoo, shrines and temples, and a museum) but the nearby streets and alleyways.

I really did want to visit the fish markets of Tokyo, however the body basically said no, but somehow I managed to get lucky walking through the fresh food section of a local department store when one of the staff began filleting a tuna as some sort of production. It was in Japanese, however, the emotion was not lost.

As this was my last stop on my two week (thereabouts) trip through Japan, I’ve collated a map of the destinations visited below. As you can see I saw a bit of Japan but there is also so much more to explore.

Oh, and I finally saw Mt Fuji as I was flying home.