A Long-ish Weekend in Sydney

There were a few reasons for this weekend trip to Sydney, first, a rugby game, second, to celebrate my birthday. I’ve only been to Sydney on a handful of occasions, each time only for a length of five days or less, but I do try to see something new on each visit.

This trip, I ventured to the northern beaches, Manly, out west to Parramatta, and of course spent time in the CBD, the Rocks, Bondi and Circular Quay.

Sorry for the lack of words in most of the sections below, after all I’m better with the camera, but most of the below are pretty self explanatory, if not hit me up with a message below.

The Northern Beaches

Otherwise known as the “Home and Away” tour. When I booked this I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I found out it was a small bus with some die hard fans. Once I got over the singing of the theme song, the tour itself was really informative, seeing the typical outside sets as shown in Summer Bay, and even having a beer at the “diner”. Even if you haven’t seen the show for a while you will recognise most of the sights, and it’s a nice way to spend a warm spring afternoon.

Sydney CBD

Circular Quay

Bondi Beach