Travel Plans Upheaval

A lot of us have had travel plans thrown into chaos as a result of the pandemic. Luckily, I got most of my money back or full credits to use later (I cannot say everyone was so lucky). What caused the most distress? Not being able to have a break.

I had worked hard for the months leading up to my planned getaway and I was just looking forward to turning off. The fatigue set in, the chaos of the unknown was making me anxious, and instead of enjoying relaxation I continued to work long hours. I’m grateful that I still have my job and the hours haven’t decreased, I know I’m in a good position, but I really did just want a holiday.

After canceling the overseas trip to the USA, Australia announced border closures which meant we could not leave, so instead planned to go away for two weeks to the south coast. But, alas, on the first day Western Australia announced regional closures separating our state into further regions of no travel. It was like everyone was against me and I found out local travel providers were harder to deal with than those internationally.

I did still manage a short, two day, getaway to Wave Rock, in the Wheatbelt, before travel into the regions was prohibited. I’ve driven by the geological formation on numerous occasions but have never had the chance to stop and explore, and it was somewhat eery being one of a handful of people out exploring. The break helped a little but I was back to work before I could process the situation.

It’s now been almost been six months since the upheaval and Australia is in a pretty good place, Western Australia is in an even better place, with most of the limitations now relaxed. I am however starting to get itchy feet, but until our state border and international borders are open it looks like these feet will be exploring Western Australia for a little longer.