kalgoorlie-boulder; a culmination of old & New

Established in 1893 on the back of gold rushes it quickly became the largest settlement in the Eastern Goldfields. The city is still a hub of mining including, but not limited to, gold.

Kalgoorlie is a place I go to often for work but haven’t done the “tourist” thing since I was a kid, and on the most part things haven’t changed all that much in 20 plus years. These days its more about the historic buildings that line the main street, but my go to is the Museum of the Goldfields. Not only does it show the history of the region but in its depths is a gold vault with specimens, and after you can catch a lift to the top of the “mine shaft” to see the city from above.

Only recently (1980’s) did Kalgoorlie amalgamate with Boulder to become one city. Slightly younger than Kalgoorlie, Boulder was gazetted in 1896 when miners were pushed south after all mining leases in Kalgoorlie were exhausted. A drive, or walk, down historic main street and it’s like stepping back in time.

For those who don’t work in the mining industry, and even those that do, just a short drive out of Boulder is the overview for the Super Pit. Although not much was happening at the time of my visit if you time it right you may see a blast.