Norseman; Named after a horse of course

The town was founded after a gold deposit was uncovered by a horse name Hardy Norseman in 1894. Although mining still occurs around the township, most people travel through Norseman as part of their Nullabor crossing as the lastpit stop before the long stretch of highway.

Prior to the establishment of Norseman, the township of Dundas was formed about 10 km south after gold was discovered a couple of years earlier in 1892. A historical trail now leads from Norseman to Dundas, and after driving the shortish track that goes past old mines, dams, one of the oldest cricket pitches and a lone grave, it’s highly recommended and informative.

Rather than just stopping to grab fuel and coffee before heading elsewhere, spend the day visiting the lookouts overlooking town and another overlooking Lake Cowan (more a salt pan than a lake on my visit), have some lunch, look through the gallery and take the drive to historic Dundas.