A Day Exploring the Pinnacles

Western Australia has some of the quickest border shutdowns, not only in Australia but the world, as a result of Covid-19. This has meant we have a relatively normal life but it also means that travel is greatly restricted if you don’t want to risk being thrown into “quarantine”. As a consequence many people are doing short day and weekend trips.

Itching to get out of Perth for a day we headed north to Cervantes. An easy 2, or so, hour drive north. The sea breeze was in early, which meant a swim was not ideal, but lunch overlooking the kaleidoscope of blues was still enjoyable.

After lunch, and the main reason for heading to Cervantes, it was time to venture into Nambung National Park, or better known as the Pinnacles. I’m not going to give you a geology lesson on how these limestone structures came to be, there’s heap of information on the web, or better yet call into the Discovery Centre when you visit. Simply put, you can either park up and walk through the Pinnacles to a lookout, or you can drive the loop and pull in to the numerous car parks at the vantage pints. The drive is suitable for a 2WD.

The park changes seems to change colours according to light and therefore appears different during the day or in different seasons. I somehow can’t judge a stormy day, so managed to get the full impact of yellow sand against the blue skies with a few whispy clouds.