Broome; gateway to the Kimberley

Broome is the starting point for our four weeks exploring the Kimberley. It’s a perfect place to relax, instantly, while gathering the last of the much needed supplies before setting out on our roadtrip.

Many West Australians have looked to Broome as an alternative to Bali in these Covid times. But I think it’s so much more. Bali to me brings memories of rustic, quiet villages, but also beaches which are a bit less than pristine, and also my pet hate which is being hassled on the streets constantly (particularly in the tourist areas). Broome on the other hand, pristine beaches, every one is operating on their own time, a melting pot of cultures, and the Courthouse Markets put the Bali stalls to shame selling both unique and high quality products.

To really embrace what Broome has to offer you’re best to get some wheels and just drive.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is known for its sunsets, but heading to the beach just after sunrise in the mornings brings a certain kind of peace. With the low tide it’s almost a 200 m walk to the water’s edge.

Gantheaume Point

Better known for its dinosaur prints in the rock, however, these are only viewable on low tide so my make sure you know your tides. The area is great for exploring if you don’t mind scrambling over rocks. We first found a cave which was a nice chill point in the hot sun, it overlooked the ocean and you could see the tide starting to retreat. During, or soon after high tide, the rocks harbour a number of rock pools. Walking back towards Cable Beach, past the cliff divers, and scrambling over more rocks we found a small rock pool to sit in and cool off while the water drained back into the ocean.

Courthouse Markets

Held within the Courthouse grounds, markets take place every Saturday, and during the dry season on Sundays as well. We went on a Sunday, it was a bit quieter and relaxed, with Saturdays being busier. However, if you are after some unique Broome gifts from local artists and designers drop by and have a gander, and top it off with mango smoothie.


Chinatown is the heart of the “tourist” shopping district in town, although don’t go too early on a Sunday morning as most stores have a later start. If you can’t get out to either of the two pearl farms during your stay, Cygnet Bay has a really informative display as part of their shop.

Roebuck Bay

On the eastern side of Broome sits Roebuck Bay, strongly influenced by the tides the milky turquoise waters stand out next to the shores. There’s numerous viewpoints to get a glimpse of the bay, from Town Beach, a look out point, Streeters Jetty (currently closed), but if you have a 4WD and a bit of time, venture out to the end of Crab Creek Road.

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

Located about 15 km out of town is the renowned Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, it’s a rustic park that is devoted to educating the public about crocodiles. The park opens at 2pm, although the highlight is the feeding tours that take place at 3pm. With only a wire fence separating you I don’t think you could get much closer to see the action. The mozzies are really bad so make sure you apply some deterrent.