Cruisin’ through the Buccaneer Archipelago

So, as with these COVID times, plans change. Our initial plan was to drive the Gibb River Road, but with extensive damage and a delay in the road opening we were presented with another opportunity… to cruise the Buccaneer Archipalego. No we didn’t do it on a luxury yacht or small cruise ship as most people do but on a working barge.

The barge was unloaded and loaded in the wee hours of the morning while we slept, but upon dawn it was time for an abbreviated dawn service to honour the ANZAC’s, while waiting for the tide to cruise around to Dog Leg Creek.

The morning was spent on the fuel pontoon situated in Dog Leg Creek, watching boats come, fuel up and go, before catching the last (charter) boat to Cockatoo Island.

Upon arriving at Cockatoo Island it was time to settle into our island paradise. Alan Bond converted what was once mining accomodation to a 5-star resort for the rich and famous to escape. In recent years, mining has reclaimed most of the island with only a few tourists making their way to the island.

The morning was sluggish before a bit of a drive around the island. A few lookouts, driving through the old mine, it’s a pretty small island and therefore a quick trip.

Upon high tide the barge came in to pick us up from Cockatoo, however the rest of the afternoon was spent watching the tide lower, fishing (I caught a shark which was released), watching sea snakes float by and the sunset behind the island. By 6 pm it was time to depart and take an overnight voyage back to Derby.