A day trip to Wyndham

An easy daytrip from Kununurra is Wyndham. We set off early in the morning driving directly to Wyndham, then took our time exploring side roads and attractiosn on the way return to Kununurra.

five rivers lookout

First stop was the furthest point on the map, and the most northern point of Western Australia, Five Rivers Lookout. This panorama view of the surrounding Bastion Range, the working wharfs and the rivers that flow into the Cambridge Gulf sits about 330 metres above sea level. The only disappointment? Is that you could not capture the entire view in one photo.

Croc café and Bakery

Want to try some crocodile? Head to the Croc café and Bakery in Wyndham and try a crocodile pie, also try a barramundi pie. Both are delicious in a creamy white sauce and perfect pastry.

Marlgu Billabong

Located south of Wyndham on Parry Creek Road this billabong is a birdwatchers paradise with a walkway and hide constructed. We were the only visitors at the time and it felt a little eery knowing crocodiles were looming near by under the tranquil waters.

The Grotto

At the base of 140 steps lies a year-round swimming hole. There is a waterfall during the wet season, but only a small amount of water trickling down the walls on our visit. It doesn’t look like much from above, but the pool was refreshing and cooled us off before climbing back out of the natural amptheatre.

Mollys Spring

Last stop before returning to Kununurra was Mollys Spring. A short drive and walk, the pay off of a pool and waterfall was much appreciated. If you are short on time or cannot attempt any of the longer hikes, this spring is easily accessible.