Pearls are a girls best friend

Travelling to Broome you cannot miss walking into the many jewellery stores featuring pearls. Pearls have been a mainstay of Broome since the 1880’s, with two nearby, operating, pearly farms you can visit; Willie Creek or Cygnet Bay. We chose Cygnet Bay, located on the tip of Cape Leveque you can not only learn about pearls, but you can stay a couple of nights, try pearl meat and take one of the numerous boat trips to see the natural tides at work.

Learn about pearls

First and foremost, Cygnet Bay is a working pearl farm. They will take you through the history of the farm, show you how they they breed the oysters and harvest the pearl. You will also get a brief introduction into classing pearls and find out how much that pearl harvested earlier costs.

boat tours

There are a number of boat tours on offer, each to capture the tides in some way. All include a trip past the pearl farm on the way to your ultimate destination. We chose the water fall reef tour, but also saw the swirling tides creating whirl pools. As the tours are based on the tides, not all the tours run all of the time and the times vary.

Around the farm

We stayed in one of the safari tents on offer which gave us time to explore not only the farm itself but the area. The sunrises and sunsets are magical, and when the heat gets a bit too much be sure to chill off in the pool.