The Natural Wonders of Esperance

The days between Chrsitmas and New Years are a time when you feel like your in limbo, not quite sure what day it is and plans (at least on my part) are not made, but rather embrace what each new day may bring. This is summertime in Australia so it’s a time when the beach is the prime location, and the perfect white beaches with turquoise water can be found in Esperance.

Esperance is located on the south-coast of Australia and closer to the Western Australian border with South Australia than Perth, but it’s the remoteness that made the week so relaxing and helped immensely to reset those drained batteries.

No matter how you choose to get to Esperance, once there you really do require a car to get out of town and explore everything the region has to offer.

Pink Lake

The lake that was once pink but no longer. It is a bit of a disappointment, but worth the stop at the lookout if you are driving past. I personally found that it does offers some good sunset views.

The Great Ocean Drive

This is one of the most scenic coastal drives in WA and is a must do on a visit to Esperance. I can’t remember how often we drove this road over the course of the week, but we never got sick of it. The road connects a number of well known beach and lagoons, each giving you a different view and experience.

Chapmans Point

Essentially a lookout that to the east overlooks West Beach and to the west, Blue Haven.

Salmon Beach

A small bay surrounded by granite outcrops that are great to have an early morning walk trying to catch a glimpse of the local inhabitants.

Fourth Beach

Stopped here to join the locals in a bit of surfing/body boarding and beach combing. At one end of the beach is a white sandy beach, the other has a few rockpools to explore.

Twilight Beach

One of the most well known beaches along the drive, everyone has seen the photos of the granite boulders in the middle of the blue waters. It’s also very busy on the sand, a bit quieter in the water.

Eleven Mile Lagoon

At the very western end of the road is Eleven Mile Lagoon, and this was my personal favourite. Snorkelling, swimming, exploring and just relaxing.

Rotary Lookout

Personally this could be one of the most underrated stops in Esperance. It’s a short, easy hike around the point with views across the Recherche Archipelago. Be warned it can be windy so pack a warmer layer.

Woody Island

One of the 105 islands that make up the Recherche Archipelago is a quick boat trip from Esperance which makes it perfect for a day trip or even longer. On the way you see a sample of what wildlife call the islands home, such as sea eagles, sea lions and dolphins.

If you can brave the cold water (even in summer) hire some snorkel gear and drift around the jetty.

Cape Le Grand National Park

Esperance is the gateway to Cape Le Grand National Park, famous for the hike to the top of Frenchmans Peak and the kangaroos that call Lucky Beach home. It’s a simple day trip or you can camp in one of the many camp grounds if you want longer to explore.

Frenchman Peak

Jutting above the landscape is Frenchman Peak. It is a steep climb, that with a bad ankle made the ascent impossible for me, but I still got to see some views.

Hellfire Bay

There’s so many bays to stop by and explore that its almost impossible not to find a quiet space.

Thistle Cove

Lucky Bay

It may not look like it in the photos below but the beach was full of 4WD’s the day we visited, so many that we didn’t even bother to go down to the beach.