Grand Canyon National Park (South)

The Grand Canyon is one of the most recognizable sites in the USA, and not to mention the world. It is truly awe-inspiring with photos barely doing it justice. Carved by the Colorado River, which if you look closely does make an appearance, it’s depth and width is something that you cannot put into words.

On a previous visit, due to not allowing enough time, I simply stayed around Mather and Yavapai Points before heading out the east entrance. These two points are busy, busy because when tourists come out on day trips from Las Vegas that is all they have time to see. This occasion I allowed plenty of time to use the buses and hike some of the trails westward to Hermit Point. If you are wanting to walk some of the trail and intermix this with some bus rides do this going westward as the buses don’t stop at all stops going east (as they do going west).

By the time you walk, take in the views, and get the bus back to the village (it was spring break time and the buses were full) the day faded away. We headed to Tusayan for a night to head back and see the eastern section the following day, this meant that we were not rushed and really appreciated the views. Driving through the park early the following morning gave us one of the best experiences with wildlife we could ever imagined and also some amazing shadows on the canyon for some more unique photos.